Shoe Care

Your new Young Soles shoes are special, please care for them and treat them with the fondness they were designed and made with.

Our shoes are made with the finest European leathers, chosen for its softness and supple qualities. Our leathers are not treated or coated with plastic. This does mean that they may mark if scuffed and require a little more care than most high-street shoes.

Our sandals are not water-safe and we do not recommend submerging them in water. We can not accept any responsibility for water damage.

To help you keep your Young Soles shoes looking amazing, we have put together a few hints and tips below.

To clean your leather Young Soles shoes, simply wipe away any surface dirt with a damp cloth or wipe. Cover any scuffs and scrapes with a good-quality matching shoe cream. It is important that the shoes are dry before application. Allow the shoes to sit with the cream on for as long as possible. Ideally let the cream soak into the leather overnight. Take the polish off with a soft cloth and buff them until they shine.

To keep your patent leather Young Soles shoes looking fantastic, clean any surface dirt away with a damp cloth or wipe. Apply a patent leather polish, and allow to dry. Buff your patent leather shoes with a soft cloth to create a reflective shine.

To clean your suede and nubuck Young Soles shoes, use a suede brush to lightly brush away dust or dirt. Brush repeatedly in the same direction. Use a suede eraser or block to remove stubborn marks. To extend the life and make the shoes easier to clean in the future, simply apply a non-toxic suede protector. Suede can also be revived using steam from the kettle and gently cleaning with a rubber suede brush.

It isn’t just the uppers of the shoes than need looking after.

We find the best way to clean our signature EVA soles is to wipe any surface dirt away with a wet cloth or a handy wipe works very well.

With all leather soled shoes, they will expand when wet. Our recommendation is to avoid wet conditions during the first few wears of your new shoes. In the event that your leather soles do become very wet, ensure they are allowed to dry out slowly and naturally, away from direct heat such as a radiator.

We hope you enjoy wearing your Young Soles shoes as much as we enjoyed designing and making them, but if you do have any problems, please email our customer support team at who will be able to help you.




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